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DOB: 09-14-1990
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Lawrence Jones, Jr.

General Mailing Address:
Attica Correctional Facility
639 Exchange St.
Attica NY 14011

Hi! Thank you for clicking on my profile. If I was next to you I’ll probably welcome you with a warm hug/kiss on the neck and cheek. As you can see I’m incarcerated sentenced 20 to Life being that I lost trial. Please don’t let this discourage you into reaching out to me because life for me is not over being that my case is in the appeal process which balls down to a miracle outcome soon. The legal system set me up to be a dangerous person, which is fabrication. I know you will do your research and see my case in the news/media but that person is not me. 

As you can compare my profile picture to that news/media picture totally different, as you read below more about me and most for all whenever you decide to get in touch with me you will know that I’m an honest, leading gentleman with humor in me from Brooklyn, New York City.

I love to travel, into several types of music even write my own, enjoy working such as my body and hands on job such as Electrical Wiring and Carpentry, fond in listening to what the next person has to say along with feedback, when it comes to cooking many dishes. Baby I’m an expert, proud of being a protector of family and friends of mine. I have no kids but big with family to the point that my goal in life is to make sure the generation of my family – family is set in life for life. There’s more but let’s save convo for you

If you don’t mind I want to know a lot about you baby. I promise I’m not going to criticize you. When you do decide to reach out to me can you be yourself? Are you a person who cooks? Are you an outgoing or home staying woman? At this moment what type of panties you got on (smirking). Just trying to lighten up the mood. It’s ok you don’t have to answer that. Do you know how to kiss? If you put your lips against mine there’s a chance that you will see and feel your future. Oh (smirking), that’s me! What do you do in life? 

I’m sorry I don’t want to go but I have things to do baby. Hopefully you get in touch with me as soon as you finish this. Take care of yourself. Bye!!


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female Only ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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