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DOB: 12-14-1983
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Raheem Cirton

General Mailing Address:
Danville Correctional Center
3820 E. Main St.
Danville IL 61834

I’m not conceited but I’m the true definition of a woman’s “Dream Man” because I know how to make a woman and her heart happy which is no matter what, always be honest with her, always respect her, and always treat her like the Queen that she is. I’m honest, I’m loyal, and there’s no other that compares to me.

I’m in search of a special woman who will become my friend and if our relationship grows that’s cool but I want to fall in love with her mind and her heart first. I want to be honest. I’m incarcerated for a sex crime but I’m innocent. All I ask is please don’t’ prejudge me before giving me the opportunity to explain in full detail what led up to my incarceration.

I pray that a special woman will be able to find it in her heart to take the time and get to know me and I guarantee my personality will melt her heart because I’m special. Even though I regret being incarcerated for a sex crime I didn’t commit, this situation was a blessing in disguise because I’ve gotten my Associates Degree in Science and Arts and I’m currently a University of Illinois-Urbana student majoring in Business in pursuit of my Bachelors.

All I ask is please don’t let my reason for incarceration prevent that special woman from taking the time to get to know me because it’ll be a huge mistake because I’ll do what no other guy was ever able to do which is to just treat a special woman how she deserves to be treated which is a like a Queen.

I don’t have any ulterior motives nor do I care what you can and can’t do for me. I’m just in search of a great woman with a strong mind and a beautiful heart who just wants a guy to treat her special and show her he knows her true worth. I know I’ve touched your heart already. It ain’t no coincidence that you’re still reading my message. I’m a blessing and a God send!

I want to explain how I ended up incarcerated and charged with a sex crime and if a special woman finds it in her heart to want to communicate with me, I’ll explain everything to her in full detail.

I got incarcerated in April of 2012 and I had three children who at this time were the ages of four, two, and one. The daughter of the mother of my children from a previous relationship who at this time was either thirteen or fourteen years old use to bully and mistreat my kids. Her mother use to encourage me to chastise her but I never did.

But on this one occasion she got mad at my two year old and she threw a “metal scooter” and hit my son in the mouth and knocked out almost all of his teeth and I’m not going to lie, I went ballistic!

I got a belt and I whooped her and the next thing I know I was incarcerated and being charged with a sex crime. I would like to ask on question, what would any parent who truly loves their child do if their child was hit in the mouth with a “metal scooter” which resulted in almost all of their teeth being knocked out?

I probably shouldn’t of whooped her but to this day I’ll do any and everything to protect my babies. But this is how I ended up incarcerated charged with a sex crime. I took a plea deal because I didn’t have a paid attorney and going in front of a jury charged with a sex crime without a paid attorney, I would’ve automatically been found guilty and I could’ve been sentenced the rest of my life in here, so I figured at least I’ll have an outdate.

You can also contact me at


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female (Straight & Bisexual) ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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