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DOB: 12-05-1979
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
HAIR: Bald
EYES: Brown

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Frank White

General Mailing Address:
USP - Atwater
PO Box 019001
Atwater CA 95301

"No Reliance Can Be Placed on Appearance"

Using this site as a common point of reference, let’s start with you… What would you call a friend? How do you enjoy spending your time? And what would you want to gain from visiting this site? There are no right or wrong answers, I’m seeking a point of view. The questions are (with me) seeds, conversation threads that will lead to something much greater.

Exploring The Best Of Possibilities, I didn’t want to open with a traditional introduction having the same expectations. Certainly an unusual starting point for a social experience, but you are worth more than just a brief presentation.

Reach out to me and I will surely open up to you as my friend corresponding sincerely. I’m not searching for anything specific because You Are significant in your own way. (You can stop and reply at anytime.) The idea is to make good on everything life offers you in the HERE and NOW. Your timely response is providence at work.

I find myself quite interesting, just as anyone else would, though I’d rather express this to you jocking provocative dialogue over time and distance. You have found a friend, and whatever feelings that brought you to this intersection had good reason to. But this all means nothing if you are not going to make it REAL; taking that 1st Step…


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Straight Female ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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