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DOB: 03-01-1956
RACE: Hispanic
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
HAIR: Black-Light Gray
EYES: Chestnut Brown

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Felix Huertas III

General Mailing Address:
#06A5527 / D5-209
Sullivan Correctional Facility
PO Box 116
Fallsburg NY 12733-0116

Special Greetings Inquisitive Lovely Lady!
Friendship & Romance Connection!

Please allow me this “Precious Moment” to formally introduce myself. My name is Felix! My Friends and Family… Call me “Sonny” and I would truly be privileged and honored to make your acquaintance! Allowing me to bring a “Ray of Sunshine” into your Life!


I guess… If you’re “Scanning & Surfing” this Web-Site… You are in Search of a Unique and “Special Friend” hopefully today is the day… Your Wishes Come True! Blessing us both with this Wonderful Encounter! Making a Heart Warming & Meaningful Connection!

“Hope You’re Still Smiling and Your Heart Dancing With Delight”

“Brief Personal Bio”

I have been imprisoned 16 tears * Single the entire time! I guess you can say… I’ve spent this time thoughtfully refining myself and developing my visions of the future!

I am a Mature Gentleman – Spiritually Open Minded with a Strong Sense of Moral Values! Youthfully Preserved and in Very Good Health! The Pictures are Current and Speak for themselves… I hope you like what you see! (Still Smiling I hope!) Heart Dancing Too! Skipping a Beat!

I’ve been told… I have a Wonderful Sense of Humor that brings “Joy and Happiness” to Everyone I meet… I truly believe “Laughter” is Therapeutic for the Spirit! Invigorating the Heart with a Sense of Love and Jubilation!

“Hobbies and Special Interests”

I enjoy a wide variety of creative activities… Which has refined and Cultured me throughout the years! Creative Writing * Poetry * Music * Dance * Yoga * Tai-chi Kundilini Meditation! Just to name a few… I consider myself a deep “Affectionado” of Classic Romantic Love Songs!

(Soft-Rock and R&B) are my specialty! My greatest Passion is Singing! As, I believe “Music” is food for the Soul! Bringing Happiness and Joy to the World… Lifting Spirits with the Essence of Poetic Melodies… Enchanting Hearts along the Way! Giving Life… Special Meaning!

Our Lives are Precious Moments in Time… What we do and How we live… Truly defines the Essence of Our Happiness… With that said… I would like to graciously dedicate this Wonderful Encounter with a “Love Song” of Inspiration by “Brian Adams” entitled “Everything I Do * I do it for You.” The Essence and Theme of this song Truly Expresses My Genuine Sentiments of what… I wish to convey from My Heart… To You!

So My Special Lady! I truly hope that this has been a Captivating Experience for you! One that will inspire you to embrace the wonderful possibilities of exploring and developing a “New Friendship and Enchanting Romance” far beyond your wildest Dreams!

This Warm Invitation is dedicated to that “Very Special Lady” out-there who searches for True Love! So Sweety! If you’re feeling my Vibe! Know that Your Destiny Awaits You!

With all my Love!

*** Seeks Correspondence with: Straight Female ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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