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DOB: 04-16-1987
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Rashie Harris

General Mailing Address:
#00468385 / 23/C-U-4
James T Vaughn CC
1181 Paddock Road
Smyrna DE 19977

I’m not looking for anything in particular. However, I’m dedicated to meeting a new friend or a life partner.

I made some poor decision(s) in my life, that I’m not proud of which lead to my incarceration. However, I am a great person who makes adjustments everyday and who’s dedicated to God.

I am looking for someone I can feel at peace with, laugh, talk, and encourage… I’m an authentic guy, who loves to listen, give advice, and lend an ear or two.

Perhaps you’ve been through some battles of your own and would like to share? I’m not one to judge, criticize or put down. Maybe we can heal each other, I, myself, is learning how to be strong, and having a friend will help.

I don’t want you to [ever] feel like I’m looking for handouts, or seeking [information] about yourself that you do not want to reveal or disclose. I cannot break down enough in these short character(s) the true elements of me being a “real authentic person.” I’m very considerate or one’s feelings. I do wish I can “talk forever” and tell you more about myself, but I’m afraid I have to go. I would like for you to write a few lines and tell me about yourself. I’m here when you have a moment.

Thank you for your time and more importantly, thank you for reading this far.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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