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DOB: 11-27-1979
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Hazel

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Derrick Wilson II

General Mailing Address:
FCI - Butner Medium II
PO Box 1500
Butner NC 27509

Emancipation Proclamation 2017

I am a firm believer in the adage: Who you are is who you attract! So, at this moment, I’m reaching out – into the universe, to attract into my circumference “My Superwoman!”

When I say Superwoman, I’m not talking about some animated cartoon… I’m talking about an extraordinary woman of character, principle & fortitude! A woman with “TLC” – Tender, Love & Care… Compassion & Empathy! A strong woman who is willing to embrace my struggle… & help me fight for my freedom! Most importantly, a woman that I can build a friendship with – someone that can bring some sunshine to this darkness.

Probably sounds like I’m asking for a lot, huh?! smiley Well, actually – I AM; just alwayz remember; It’s the small things that count! The icing on the cake is – RECIPROCITY, a smile for a smile… & it’s only right that I introduce Superwoman to Superman. smiley

Briefly, I am a man of principle & honor… & I alwayz honor my word! Yes, you’ve finally met a man that doesn’t lie – lying doesn’t compliment my lifestyle, so I don’t partake! I believe in love, peace, truth, freedom & justice… & the beautiful thing about truth is: As long as one “Lives in Truth” he/she will fulfill their destiny! #FACTS

I love to travel, I love to shop, & I love the kids… the youth is our future – we have to provide for them, especially our own, with as much knowledge & wisdom as possible, so they can blossom into their fullest potential!

I love a woman of substance, whose conversation can stimulate my mental; and as a quick side note: I love dining in eloquent restaurants over savory cuisines – coupled with a beautiful woman & a stimulating conversation… sounds like the beginning to a beautiful nightcap! #strawberrychampagneonice #BrunoMars voice (LOL).

As for my plight, I’m fighting for my freedom, Ma! My fight is against the federal government & the New York State government. My federal case & my state case are both predicated upon Police corruption & government collusion – some real movie sh**. I feel like I’m the “Man v. The Machine.” Been through a lot of wars/drama in my lifetime… I can definitely attest that this is the fight of my life… #IWILLNOTLOSE! Real talk, I ain’t never been one to cry over spilled milk, so my mentality is: Somebody has to make History! #RIP Malcolm X, Martin Luther Kind & Johnny Cochran.

Food 4 Thought:

Stay true to your nature & your destiny will manifest itself… #Malcolm had Betty, Marin had Coretta, so it seems, the only thing I’m missing is: You!

Heavy Is the Head That Wears The Crown ~Sonny Cochran~


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female (Straight & Bisexual) ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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