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DOB: 06-27-1989
RACE: Caucasian Hispanic
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Christopher Conway

General Mailing Address:
FCI - Schuylkill
PO Box 759
Minersville PA 17954

Hello Ladies, my name is Chris. I am from Boston, MA. I am 28 years of age and I am on my last 2 years of being incarcerated. I have been in prison since 2013 for Distribution of Narcotics. I am a very laid back person who loves having fun. I try to enjoy the small things life has to offer. I love music, fashion, riding bikes, dirt bikes, jet skis, all that fun stuff. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I am a very loyal person. Sometimes maybe too loyal. I am very big on family considering mine is so small.

I am half Puerto Rican, half Irish. I am trying to learn Spanish. I love meeting new people. I’m looking to talk to someone who is open-minded and who has a big heart as I do. I am constantly told I have a good head on my shoulders and a good heart. I am kind of OCD when it comes to cleaning, which I am told is not a bad thing.

Since being incarcerated I have taken the time to re-evaluate my life. Ever since a young boy, I have been infatuated with fast money and materialistic things. As I grow up now, I realize it’s just an insecurity I need to fix.

With all that being said I am looking for a friend to help brighten my day and maybe I can help brighten up yours. Hope to hear from you soon.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Straight Female ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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