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DOB: 07-21-1979
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 5' 5"
HAIR: Dark Brown
EYES: Dark Brown

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An'Gelica Cooper

General Mailing Address:
#1031148 / A-102
Hobby Unit
742 FM 712
Marlin TX 76661

“A Rose Amongst Thorns”

Scrupulous, dexterous, valor rose wants to hold you down, through good and bad times. I’m a woman who will step up, take charge when your back is up against the wall. Whether you go to prison or overseas, I’ll weather “any” storm with you.

Texan, 38, single, intelligent, down-to-earth, loyal and respectful lady searching for a home-y and friend. Someone family oriented, hard working, respectful, one woman man, gentleman that will open doors, pull chairs out for a woman to sit and he doesn’t mind doing dishes because I can fix anything and change tires! Race and age unimportant.

I’ve been incarcerated since 2001, and have lost everything and everyone. Honestly, I have no clue of what lies ahead of me upon my release. Prison has destroyed my friend/relationships but it allowed me to discover the truth; love and loyalty. I’ve found out who my true friends/loved ones are and separated the real from the fake. This experience has been God’s way of clearing my confused eyes. He sent me through these tragedies so I could see who actually cared about me. My time is almost over but my plan is to be an impact on someone’s life, before they experience prison and go through what I’ve endured, alone.

Also, I want to give what I have to offer to that “special” someone. I don’t need diamonds or a fortune because physical things don’t define what’s within.

If given the opportunity, I’d love to share some of my feelings, intellects, and understandings. Tell me your fantasies and what you thrive on. Let’s cater to one another mentally and take each other’s mind places we’ve only dreamed of. Silence is torture… so don’t keep me waiting! This rose is ready to shun the thorns this barbed wire fence has held captured. Please NO inmates!

You can write to me at the above address.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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