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DOB: 12-04-1984
RACE: Other
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Green/Blue
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Dominick Imbraguglio

General Mailing Address:
Louisiana State Penitentiary
General Mail
Angola LA 70712

May these words enter through your eye’s echo in your mind, and dissolve in your heart. All I’m desiring and searching for is an unconditional friend. Unquestionably you maybe wondering what lead you to read this. But everything happens for special reasons. In time and through determination I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with you and that’s only if your precious time allows me to do so.

At this point and time of life, I find myself in need of a true friend. Someone with a heart and doesn’t mind lifting a spirit and making me smile. Someone true to help me feel a little less isolated and little less alone and more engaged with life. So it’s with great respect that I begin this relationship with us two together we begin this journey. Life is a gift and it offers us the privilege opportunity and responsibility to become something more. We all have life changing potential and together we could produce explosive results.

We can show each other the quality of our lives and increasing the amount of encouragement that we can pull from it. We will learn how to connect with each-other at the deepest level and be rewarded with something we all want to experience a sense of contribution, of knowing that we have made a difference in other people’s lives.

I’m intelligent, mature, ambitious, humorous, respectful and caring. My best quality is loyalty. Thanks to God I’m on my appeal on newly discovered evidence and I could be going home any day!! Make sure when you write you send your home address because I can’t e-mail.

There’s much more captivating things about me that can’t be captured with words. Like twinkles of a diamond that’s so beautiful and admiring. But due to the fact that I’m innocently in this position I label myself a diamond in the dirt. Hopefully someone looks in the dirt and sees me shining!

Heart of a Lion
Mind of a King
Soul of a Legend

Royal & Loyalty,

*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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