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DOB: 06-05-1990
RACE: Middle-Eastern
HEIGHT: 5' 8"
HAIR: Mixed Black & Dark Brown
EYES: Brown

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Hosam Al-Smadi

General Mailing Address:
#39482-177 / CMU
USP - Marion
PO Box 1000
Marion IL 62959

Hi Friend!
I'm an international political prisoner with a very interesting story. Growing up in the Middle east-Jordan during a very chaotic times. I was raised watching my father's concern with politics, which made me more aware of international and global affairs. You may say, I'm what use to be called a freedom fighter, but since I'm in opposition to the many war crimes, corruption, and Human rights violations committed by the imperialists and colonial policies of the United States government, the Israeli occupation and their so-called Allies. I've been cast away in a cloud of secrecy.  
Currently, I'm in one of America's Black sites secret prisons, known as the (CMU), run by Counter-Terrorism, and shown in a documentary done by the "History Channel". In there, I've met many among the most famous political and international prisoners that you may have heard about, or seen on TV.  I can't mention any names, but I can discuss the historical basis of their causes and the injustices they've suffered.
Since my incarceration, I started watching and listening to the fraud so called "Main political parties" in the American "Fake News", That's what prompted me into looking forward to interact with an educated and intelligent people on the same level. Being from the Middle east, I'm very familiar with the political and historical causes in that region, and Perhaps I would love to discuss my views with you and listen to your's as well. 
I appreciate your interest, curiosity and valuable time in viewing my page. Please, Send me any comment on any topic in order to have a friendly talk with you, and Don't forget to Check me out on my other friendly accounts. wink
( and,
( or,
** Correspondent Note - Prison Policy **": In order for me to be able to respond "You must provide your "Full name, P.O.Box, Address and Email", and if you include a picture will be great.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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