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DOB: 11-18-1987
RACE: Caucasian
HEIGHT: 5' 0"
HAIR: Blonde/Light Brown
EYES: Hazel/Blue

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Desiree Shinholser

General Mailing Address:
420 Mill St SW
Mitchellville IA 50169

I am from both MN and South Florida. I have a love of Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and all things Science related. I’m also a former adult film star (Autumn Skye). I am fitness guru who enjoys long jogs and teaching pole fitness when I am not studying something.

I have a mandatory sentence that is up in 2024. I am looking for someone that can accept the mistakes I’ve made and get to know who I am today. I want someone that can get me through the worst of my life to enjoy the best yet to come.

Email is available at but I also enjoy snail mail. Here is a list of draconian mailroom rules we must abide by:

-       Address & name must be on the envelope (return address and full name)
-       Always sign your letters/cards without any nicknames (must be handwritten signatures)
-       Typed letters allowed as long as signed
-       10 pictures/pages allowed per envelope
-       No glitter, glue, whiteout, post its or stickers
-       No letters from other correctional institutions
-       No stamps or envelopes allowed for me to use
-       No 3rd party mail


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

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