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DOB: 04-25-1961
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 5' 8"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Malcolm Echols

General Mailing Address:
Macomb Correctional Facility
34625 26 Mile Road
New Haven MI 48048

Hi! My name is Max, cos’ I take it to the max… Actually, my name is Malcolm, and being from Chicago (Chi-Town!) I’ve always felt “Max” is a cool name for a R & B, Jazz junkie, artist, and poet. If being cool still matters after 56 years on Earth. I mean, who wants to be like everyone else.

I’m spiritual but live close enough to earth that the lightness of some comedy is appreciated; also believing that Avatar was a decent animated movie. At this juncture, I’m seeking active participation in a budding friendship based upon the ‘realness’ of you; not the animated version. Though, with this crooked smile, I must ask – what role do you see me playing? I’m thinking “Oscar nominated documentary about a decent guy who made some bad decisions but is turning his life around via hope and encouragement of a non-judgmental person on this planet.”

In all honesty – I’m seeking something real, a higher standard that starts with respect, and my willingness to honor you. Through the harmonious by-product of mutually open communication. Beginning with the question: “Did they deserve you?”

When you’ve had the company of a man. Did he deserve you? I mean it’s true that you might have deserved attention; you might have deserved a night out; but what about them? Did they deserve you and your energy and your time? Had they worked to be with you? To earn a place in your life?

I was born of a woman, and need her to have balance. As such, I think you deserve many things – including a man who isn’t afraid of you. And who isn’t afraid of everything that’s brought you pain. And who will face that pain with you, no matter how ugly it is. A man who wants to learn how to make you laugh.

Many men take you for granted, so I humbly request you utilize the air and opportunity between us to satisfy my curiosity about whether you’ve ever considered what you deserve.

Know in advance, you may feel free to ask me anything you like. If I’m uncomfortable with the question, I’ll say so. We won’t know our boundaries until we test them. I encourage you to do so fearlessly.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Straight Female ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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