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DOB: 04-14-1961
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
HAIR: Black/Gray
EYES: Brown

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Johnny Pruitt

General Mailing Address:
#09A4966 / C-2-007
Green Haven Correctional Facility
594 Rt. 216
Stormville NY 12582-0010


My pursuit is in hope of finding a mature woman as a friend and we all know that maturity does not come with age but with decisions of responsibility and self respect. (Still we all fall) Yet whose courage embraces her femininity that is harnessed, guided and sculpted by the sweet-aroma of her spirituality, that instantly reveals all of the delicious flavors of her personality soaked in the love of GOD, being determined and working toward emotional healing. “BEING YOURSELF IS KNOWING YOURSELF.”

I’m knee-deep in the WORD but I’m far from a bird! That is, I have found the WORD of GOD to be fun!

I’m from Harlem, NYC born and raised. I have 5 grown children. (26-33) I have 4 years of college (major Bus. Man.) Didn’t graduate. Once upon a time I played very good basketball. I have found prison to be a more beautiful place than I have ever seen, been imagined. (NUMBERS 35:12) A place where my GOD chooses to give me a rest from my own deception and not a rest in the graveyard. A place for me to accept HIS invitation to eat “Supper” at HIS great table of love. Where every choice and decision I make will be an intense challenge against myself to grow up. On the supper menu of GOD’s great table of love is the depths of my “pride” and “ignorance,” my old ways of thinking, believing and doing, living a lie that I believed was my own. Indeed, I’m talking from an exceptional place of thought, a view far beyond the norm, a place of “Understanding,” where the magnitude is of having “Gratitude.”

So I stand here in prison in the midst high above the ashes, the burnt ruins of my past, far away from the frigid soil of my ignorance with no excuse, “STILL I RISE.”

Born again! (Round #2) “Mentally Exonerated.”


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female (Straight & Bisexual) ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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