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DOB: 01-21-1971
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Desi Sykes

General Mailing Address:
James T Vaughn CC
1181 Paddock Road
Smyrna DE 19977

I’m a laid back, straight forward, sincere man; single with no children. I have no time for head games or lies. I enjoy exercising, reading and writing conscientious poetry, and playing most sports. My goals other than gaining my freedom are: publishing books of my poetry, starting my own magazine, and maybe my own organization someday.

I’m in search of two exceptional women; (one biological and the other transgender), who will be exceptional friends/partners to me and each other. Both should be capable, sincere, and truly loyal to our friendship/partnership; meaning they not only understand, but also accepts the complexities and restrictions that this reality will place on our friendship/partnership, and therefore already know we will have to go above and beyond the normal sacrifices of most relationships, to not only sustain, but feed the growth of our friendship/partnership.

With that said, know that race and age are not deciding factors, but your commitment and honesty truly are. You should also be able to visit weekly, or at least bi-weekly. Would prefer if you both were 5 foot 5 or shorter, but not mandatory. Only the women who are secure with their sexuality, and who are serious about building such a friendship/partnership, need reply!!!

I leave you with a few of my poems:

Planting Seeds:

Throughout the years,
many hands have I watched;
blistered and swollen,
digging through stone,
toiling for rich soil,
that is no longer there.
Yet still planting seeks,
praying strong roots will somehow,
still sprout and grow.
Stand firm and tall;
fighting the very weeds,
seeking to end their young lives,
before they can blossom,
or produce any fruit.

Dancing Sheep:

We have gone a long way,
and yet such a short distance;
We have played the peaceful lamb,
trying hard to out-dance the wolf.
Bitter truths we never spoke,
instead we gave the ripe and tender,
underside of our soft bellies.
Still it was all for naught;
for our children remain lost,
and it is mostly assuredly,
our very own fault!

Lost Soldiers:

Brought forth,
in a history of chaos;
lost renegades.
Rebellious without direction,
nor a sense of destination;
roaming waste-lands,
gaining skills of a desperado.
Victorious without purpose,
or even a cause;
sightless warriors.
Who are we,
but angry children;
blind, deaf, and dumb,
self destructing!


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female & Transsexual/Transgender ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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