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DOB: 05-28-1985
RACE: African-American Hispanic
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Hazel

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Daniel Douglas

General Mailing Address:
Bellemy Creek Correctional Facility
1727 West Bluewater Hwy
Ionia MI 48846

If you’re reading this, you must find my picture INTERESTING? I hope you are interesting too.

I’m a very loyal, honest and good friend. Since you’re on this site, it tells me you’re looking for a diamond in the rough! Well, you just found one (kinda like going to the dog pound to find a dog). LOL! Like a dog, I’ve never bit the hand that fed me.

You must be Smart, Kind and have a Big Heart; to be looking in such a DARK place to find light.

I’m willing to write anyone who is Serious about wanting to be a good friend. I’ve had too many let downs in life; I don’t need anymore.

I like women of all Shapes, Sizes and Colors. I’ve always lived by my mom’s rule. She said “It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts.”

I simply find the female body perfect and beautiful, because that’s the way GOD created it.

I have a great sense of humor. I really like hearing and telling jokes. I love to smile and laugh and I hope you do too.

I love to write letters. It really helps me escape for a while. I like talking on the phone as well.

For your convenience; I can receive E-mail at (I can’t return E-mails though).

I really hope you love to write letters as well. Letters are personal and provide the ability to really get to know someone.

I really look forward to getting to know you FRIEND.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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