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DOB: 02-28-1985
RACE: African-American Caucasian
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown

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Lawrence Thomas

General Mailing Address:
#43594-039 / B-2
FCI - Milan
PO Box 1000
Milan MI 48160

My name is Lawrence D. Thomas. My friends call me Elbee and people I expect to be involved with for a great period of time calls me Larry. I just turned 32 years old and I feel better than I ever have physically. I lift weights but I don’t consider myself much of a competitive athlete. I do like to have fun though so I’ll give anything a try. I am incarcerated for prior bad decisions which I am certainly done making. I really hate it being in this situation so the transition is hard for me. I’m strong so I’m certain it’s nothing I can’t handle.

I can’t say that I am looking for someone to be in a serious relationship with. But I am very single. I just don’t want to jump into something with someone just because I’m incarcerated. I do believe that great things come from bad situations. For now a friend will do.

I identify easily with Caucasian women but I would also like to interact with Asian women or any other cultures. Haven’t had much experience outside of Caucasian and African-American women relationships or otherwise it would help if the woman considers herself to be beautiful, loyal to herself and things that she does. She does not struggle with honesty and considers herself to be understanding. I often ponder things outside the norm as in life and the direction the human race is headed. I would love her to be open-minded, patient and smart with a sense of humor. I am attending college for Business Administration so she could be challenging, comprehensive and willing to listen. Overall I need someone to help me fill this void of companionship.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female Only ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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