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DOB: 12-06-1985
RACE: Asian Caucasian Hispanic Islands
HEIGHT: 6' 3"
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Green

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Thomas Rodgers

General Mailing Address:
#H22131 / F2-114L
Gulf Correctional Inst.
500 Ike Steele Rd.
Wewahitchka FL 32465

I guess I wrote this to a stranger. Attempting to build a friendship that’s worth our time getting to know each other… I understand that this is just an imagined dinner arrangement for the two of us to toss compliments at each other around a little blue rose… but my lady sit with me here & allow me the opportunity to casually introduce myself with just the right amount of romantic leverage as Thomas Rodgers.

I’m 31 years old from Osceolo County, Florida but my family & friends call me “Tommy.” I am unfortunately incarcerated for trafficking drugs serving a 15-year sentence with roughly 7-1/2 years left if I can be good. I do of course have a lot of tattoos… but most of them symbolize my experiences good & bad… Some are symbols of my achievements… where I overcame a lot of my weaknesses & turned them into my strengths… I’ve actually come to realize if I changed the way I look at life, that life would change… I just get tired of the same stupid conversations that hardly have any significance to my future in the world outside this place. I’d like to speak with someone who can inspire me to continue on my journey while we slowly create a friendship to withstand the test of time & the teller of all things not yet seen…

My lady I’d like you to teach me how to be this change. I’ve been turning myself into & allow me to possibly become more to you then just a piece of paper… Anyways it has been a pleasure & privilege to say hello to you & I truly hope to hear back from you after having to apologize for saying goodbye…

"Yours Truly,"
Your Friend
-Tommy Rodgeres

*** Seeks Correspondence with: Straight Female ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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