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DOB: 06-08-1977
RACE: Other
HEIGHT: 5' 8"
HAIR: Brown
EYES: Hazel

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Donald Trujillo

General Mailing Address:
#123042 / Gale-B-42
PO Box 550
Gunnison UT 84634-0550

The Sky’s The Limit

First off let me say what’s up to those of you viewing this ad. I hope you started this day with a beautiful smile on your face. If not perhaps I can make it happen.

I’m a laid back kind of guy. I consider myself funny and outgoing; I don’t take myself too serious… Life is already serious enough as it is without me making it more so.

I spend most of my time working, gong to class and chasing my tail. cheeky When I’m not doing that I spend the most of my time staring at the wall or counting the crack in the ceiling. Even though that is a lot of fun, I thought it might be better to spend that time getting to know someone new. I do find myself with plenty of down time wanting to write (I enjoy writing and getting to know new people) with absolutely no one to write, so hopefully that special someone is you!

I’m not expecting to find my wife here so there’s no pressure. cheeky Just someone to “chop it up with.” The one thing I expect is honesty (I believe without honesty you have nothing) and some good conversation… (Be Open-Minded) I promise to give the same in return, whether or not we “click” I’ll still consider it time well spent; So for now instead of counting the cracks in the ceiling I’ll be counting on getting a letter (Or E-mail) from you. If not I still wish you the best of love, luck and life. I hope you find what you’re lookin for.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Straight Female ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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Ad Started 02-16-2017