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DOB: 02-28-1992
RACE: African-American Hispanic Native-American
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
HAIR: Black/Long
EYES: Brown

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Akeem Tripp

General Mailing Address:
Southern Desert Corr Center
PO Box 208
Indian Springs NV 89070

I must say “I’m ready.” I am seeking friendship, something, which is just as essential as oxygen is to human survival. I’m from Las Vegas, NV, very open-minded.

First off I love reading books about business, basically staying intact with business ventures. Characteristics I look for in a Queen as yourself, let’s start with morals and standards, meaning have respect for yourself. I look for strength in women, the strength that commands me to be strong when I’ve fallen. I want a woman who has a personal goal, something that she can achieve and it belongs to her, as I stand tall and become her number one fan.

I believe COMMUNICATION is the best ingredients while beginning a friendship or relationship. I honestly believe if honest communication isn’t there, why waste time. And thank you beautiful for not placing judgment on me. I basically want to take my time with you and enjoy every thought, every smile, basically every situation has her priorities straight, she understands hard-work, she understands position. She understands loyalty and family first and she digs commitment.

So smile beautiful if you’re feeling this conversation so far. Trust and believe it’s only the beginning of something very special that two real individuals can recognize. Well I hope I’ve said or touched a soft spot in your heart to allow you to pursue this new incredible friendship.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Straight Female ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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