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DOB: 03-05-1979
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Pretty Brown

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Reginald Young

General Mailing Address:
USP - Canaan
PO Box 300
Waymart PA 18472

Peace and Salutations to you my friend!

I first and foremost thank you for the honor at hopefully getting to know you and truly look forward to many great moments. We both have taken the first steps in bringing about some comfort from the mad human drama that life is all to often full of. I myself, would like to have a break from the games and make-believe; I would like to be happy, silly, laugh and above all, be able to be my imperfectly perfect self, what about you?

My dear friend, I am a man who enjoys the simplicities of life such as reading, learning, family, and just being thankful for everyday that I have the chance of not only bettering myself, but being instrumental in helping someone else, even if it’s just a simple smile or word of encouragement. I have mastered the art of not only listening to people, but understanding how to allow everyone to be “who they are,” as opposed to “who I think” they should be, and thus accepting them for being imperfectly perfect! I am very romantic and take great pride in sharing the gifts of love and support, for I believe that we all should have someone in our often chaotic lives that is only concerned with restoring the order and allowing us that break from the stress of the world. This is the friend I desire to be; the friend that knows how to just listen and not judge; the friend that makes you smile and feel great about yourself, the friend that will accept when you tell me I’m wrong and be grateful for your thoughts and views.

I’m seeking the friendship of someone that understands how to be a friend above all else.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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