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DOB: 08-10-1982
RACE: Caucasian
HEIGHT: 5' 9"
HAIR: ---
EYES: Blue

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Daniel Cantino

General Mailing Address:
FCI - Talladega
PO Box 1000
Talladega AL 35160

It’s through conversation that friends are made and sometimes more. So allow me to start by introducing myself. My name is Daniel. I was born in California but raised in Mississippi. As you can tell I’m incarcerated. My mistake was selling drugs costing my freedom with a valuable lesson to learn. With me the lesson was not overlooked and my life is already in another direction. Life’s not about the mistakes we make but instead the lessons we learn and share.

I like movies, hanging out, going out to eat and more. But mostly making memories we’ll look back on later in life. I take pride in knowing a woman’s worth and treating as such. Inside I’m a gentleman at heart and enjoy the simple things in life.

I’m interested in meeting someone that’s smart and funny, gives but also receives, and is sensitive and also strong. I want to know your goals, your dreams, and your desires. What brings you down and how I can bring you back up. My heart and ears are open to anything you’re willing to share. Your feelings will never go unheard or your letters unanswered. For you I’ll do the same. My life will be an open book. All you have to do is read.

Through life we all take chances, some turn out to be life changing. Take this journey with me. Who knows what could be!


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female (Straight & Bisexual) ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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