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DOB: 05-09-1980
RACE: Native-American
HEIGHT: 5' 9"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Mark Little

General Mailing Address:
Lawton Correctional Facility
8607 SE Flower Mound Road
Lawton OK 73501

Hey, what’s upon to anyone who is reading this. My name is Mark but everybody calls me Shawnee.

I am a 36-year old Native American Indian from Shawnee, Oklahoma. As you can tell by my picture, yes I am locked up right now. But I’ll be getting out in 9 months. As for right now though I’m trying to find a cool ass female to write who will help me pass this time by. Let me tell you it’s so boring in here not getting fan mail or pictures from the free world.

Yes I’m the one & only. My style is one-of-a-kind. I like to make females laugh and show their amazing style. Don’t be shy, you can tell me about yourself. Your likes and dislikes, maybe a few of your talents. As for myself I can draw and write poems. Everybody in this type of place could use a friend to lift them up when they are feeling down. It’s always cool meeting new people even if it’s through letters. I like when females write me and spray their favorite perfume on the letter.

Do you have any tattoos? I’m trying to find some new friends cause the ones I had landed me in here. Then they forgot all about me. But it is what it is. Life goes on. I want to know everything about you. Do not hold anything back. As long as you always keep it real with me I’ll keep it real with you…

The One & Only,
-Shawnee, aka Mark

*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female Only ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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