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DOB: 07-20-1968
RACE: Caucasian
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
HAIR: Gray
EYES: Green

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Terry Waters

General Mailing Address:
PO Box 970
Marianna AR 72360

Friendships: Hello there friends, I wanted to give a try at losing this shyness I have lived with for the past 30 years. Well since I was a teen at the year and age of 15, 1983 that is me in the Black Peter Frampton shirt and by looking at me in that photograph you maybe able to say to yourself that there was plenty of dried leaves and flowering buds of the female Hemp!

It was the early 80’s and what else was there to do on spring summer vacation from school? I enjoy a lot of classic rock and I love dirt bikes and riding, even then at 15. I work with my mother & step-father interior/exterior painting. It is something I am good at! So I am thinking more serious of starting that business.

The other picture of me, I was 24 then. Living pretty well at the time, at least until the very pretty blue eyed blonde that I am sitting next to on the couch arm got a hold of my heart. She liked to play that game with my heart. The game that she was always able to win.

Yes. I still love that beautiful girl! And I still hurt from the scars she pierced there. So yes there is sadness still here. Okay, I’m the youngest of nine. Family is not a close knit family. I’ve lost all of my parents now and I’m still trying to grow up with, and use wiser choices with my retirement.

I’m wanting to hike the Appalachian Mountain Trail. I think that would be truly fun, especially with someone that may have even hiked that trail before! Has anyone ever been to Friersberg, Maine? Every October there is a fair there. That has maple syrup cotton candy, yumm! Want to try me some, smile.

I have been in prison several times now. I don’t live well being alone. I’ve been separated from a love since 2004 & my first love at age 24. I enjoy fishing. I miss my little Bud Sarge. He was my English Corkscrew Bull Dog. I am wanting & praying to meet a new friend. I am wanting to relocate. New England winters. Wow, warmth and companionship. A couple songs I would enjoy for you to listen to. I would like to know if you like them.

Bob Seager and the Silver Bullet Bands. Songs; Someday Lady You Will Accompany Me. Little River Band; Lady. Hank Williams, Jr.; Over Did It In Denver.

My charges are burglary theft of property theft by receiving.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Female Only ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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