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DOB: 02-22-1985
RACE: African-American
HEIGHT: 6' 0"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Chocolate

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Darreyll Thomas

General Mailing Address:
Kettle Moraine Correctional Inst.
PO Box 282
Plymouth WI 53073-0282

Hey there,

I am Mr. Yummy… and as your favorite dessert I am extremely tasty but, I tend to go straight to your a**.

I find comfort in being frank… my real name is Darreyll though…

If you’re looking Evol, that infamous word spelled in reverse order… we may not be on the same page, but maybe we’re at least reading the same book?

After “HE” rips out your heart using “flowery words” to manipulate your self-worth before emotionally squeezing you like a cheap sponge from the local Dollar Store; in addition to using your pocket book to “finance” his girlfriend…

My mailbox will remain open, and I’ll seriously consider responding, but only if you write to the chamber directly.

I will hurt you with the truth, before I make you feel good with a lie.

I’m a grower not a show-er.

I’m not really into “punching terds“

I fear finding out but, I think I may be sterile?

I’m broken… I can not be fixed and, I’ll probably just end up breaking your heart. Therefore, I respectfully request that our friendship remains platonic.

Gambling would be foolish.

Give me you… not whom you wish you were… and my word is… you’ll ‘see me.’

-Mr. Yummy

*** Seeks Correspondence with: Anyone ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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