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DOB: 10-26-1993
RACE: Hispanic
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Jesus Bucio

General Mailing Address:
Pontiac Correctional Center
PO Box 99
Pontiac IL 61764

Hey, how’s it going? I would like to start by saying thank you for taking the time to check out my page. Open and willing to meet someone to share thoughts and exchange conversations with regardless of one’s current surroundings and past actions proves to show there are still amazing, caring, understanding people out there and who are not judgmental.

To have the courage and generosity to focus your attention on a man like me shows and means what a great, amazing person you are. Or in other words you have a good eye for men. Ha, ha.

I’m a man full of positive energy currently incarcerated in IDOC seeking to find new friends beyond these walls. My hometown is Aurora, IL where I was born, raised and spent most of my life at. I enjoy watching sports as much as I enjoy staying active and playing them. How about yourself? If so do you have a favorite? For my pastime I enjoy drawing, writing and reading educational books. When I’m not doing these 3 things and have my hands unoccupied I go throughout my day trying to put smiles on other’s faces to make life a whole lot easier.

I’m interested in one day getting out and starting my own business, you can’t go wrong with being your own boss.

I recently graduated and received my GED and am now in the process of enrolling at Stratford Career Institute to study Business Management. I’m a man that sets goals and plans to achieve each one no matter what the challenges may be during the process. Have you ever set any goals for yourself that forced you to change the way you view life in order to achieve them? If so what goals and how hard of a challenge was it for you?

The qualities I look for in a woman are honesty, caring, independent, ambitious, self respect, sense of humor and most importantly someone that enjoys life and appreciates it for what it’s worth. One of my favorite quotes I love to always remember is that “Life is not about how many breathes you take, it’s about the moments that take your breath away.” I hope you give yourself the chance to become that moment for me and together we can possibly experience a life changing hello.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Straight Female ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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