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DOB: 12-31-1969
RACE: Asian
HEIGHT: 5' 6"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Brown

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Cuong Tieu

General Mailing Address:
FCI - Herlong
PO Box 800
Herlong CA 96113

Hello ladies,

My name's Cuong, but all my friends call me "Steve". I'm in my late forty's. I'm Chinese and I was born in Vietnam. I grew up in the Golden State of northern California. I'm just an ordinary guy who grew up in a harsh environment, a rough neighborhood and ended up making some bad choices with poor judgment. I was drowned from chasing the dream of a fast and glorious life style. I take full responsibility and am working hard to be a better man. I'm an auto body man/mechanic by trade. I love the outdoors, nature, beautiful lakes and the ocean. I love swimming, fishing, and camping. I also like to travel. Visiting different places around the world, meeting new people and learning different cultures. I enjoy cooking. I also enjoy staying in shape and living healthy.

I sometime feel like this is just a dream. But I believe certain events take their course to serve a purpose. I've been sober for the past six years. Times has changed, people changed and certainly I've also changed. I'm blessed with support and undeniable love from friends and family. The tough and challenging task I deal with is not being deprived of freedom, but rather being separated from my children and not being able to be in their daily lives. Though I'm capable of enduring strain and hardship behind these walls.

I'm looking to meeting new people, friends, and pen-pal through these pen-pal sites. In hope I'll be able to meet someone that's out-going, carefree, with a knock out smile, who will be willing to open her arms and welcome me into her life, to share laughter, exchange wild stories, and most of all, the life experience we have gone through. A link for me to be connected beyond his walls, to be informed what's trending, which occupation are in demand in the work force, what's the hottest tech gadget, what's the hip catch-phrase, and perhaps where's the best kept secret places to vacation. For me to find someone to help leaf through this time with ease while building a meaningful and lasting friendship. Believe me, I know what it takes to be a friend, and being loyal.

I have a very good sense of humor. I'm straight-forward. I'm honest. And I also have a big kind heart. Though I'm still learning to be more patient and not dwell on the past. Things and event I cant change or have control over. I'm also learning to be better productive with my times and not to sweat the smaller things in life. Because I've come to learn, life's too short! I'm optimistic about my future. I do have big plans. I'm currently studying and am more than half way to earn my Associate degree. I'm also spending more time sharpening and perfecting my art skills for my future plans of owning a tattoo parlor. 

I'm sure you're curious and have some questions after reading this story. The only way you'll ever find out is to reach out and drop me a few short lines. I'm looking forward to meeting you.


*** Seeks Correspondence with: Straight Female ***
Sexual Orientation: Straight

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